Obied Naser

Obied is a highly experienced desert guide holding the licence of the Wadi Rum Protected Area Authority. Being a Bedouin himself, who grew up in the desert, he knows every inch of it.

Obied has a camp of his own, where his family used to live some two decades ago. Unlike the numerous big and developed tourist camps catering for at least a hundred people each, all located outside of the Protected Area one after the other, this Bedouin camp lies within the boundaries of the Protected Area, in the very heart of the desert, in a remote shelter of beautiful sandstone rock formations. Obied's camp will be most appreciated by those desiring a first-hand experience of the real desert world and who take interest in getting an insight into the true life and traditions of the Bedouin people. At this enchanted site, silence will gain a new meaning for you. A night under the starlit desert sky will undoubtedly be the right cure to relax any strained nerves.

Jeep tour

If you are short on time, you can choose a two-hour trip and see some of the most important sights, though, you are advised to allow 4-5 hours for the various trips. Naturally, full-day or several-day trips can also be arranged. You will be introduced to the most impressive parts of the desert including historical and cultural sights (i.e. two-thousand year old Nabateus rock carvings) as well as sights of natural beauty (sandstone towers and bridges) etc. For a change, you can try camelback riding. Do not miss the chance to loose yourself in a wonderful desert sunset. Your desert night experience will start out with a traditional dinner, followed by Bedouin songs and dance. You will be spending the night in Bedouin tents, or - in the summertime - under the starry sky.


Sandstone climbing routes are available in all grades of difficulty. Get yourself a new perspective at the desert! Assisted by your trained guide. Attention! Requires no previous experience, but appropriate physical condition.


You may choose from daytrips to several-day treks in the desert, all include full-board (breakfast, dinner, water).

Camelback Ride - Camel Caravan

Camelback rides range from a few-minute experience to several-day camel caravan tours. If you decide in favour of a longer journey, tents (matraces and blankets) will be provided for lodging - although the real experience is to sleep under the sky, in the summertime.

Any combination of the above options may be arranged at your request.